Current Ethical Issues

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Current Ethical Issues Paper
January 20, 2013
Jeffery Day

Current Ethical Issues Paper
The fictional organization that I chose from the Virtual Organization is “Patton-Fuller Community Hospital.” The reason that I chose this organization is because the healthcare industry has always fascinated me. I think that it is really awesome that there are people in this world that actually choose to save others’ lives. Patton-Fuller Community Hospital is a decent place to get immediate medical treatment, and it is pretty small. Although it is not as large as a county hospital, it is still one that is precise when it comes to medical services and the medical attention that one may seek. This hospital treats the most important health concerns… anyone’s! They take pride in serving their community. Patton-Fuller in fact provides healthcare services that are definitely designed to meet the needs of people at every stage of their lives. The care of the patients is a very important job to this hospital. They also take pride in making the hospital experience as pleasant as possible. Patton-Fuller has been serving the community proudly since the year 1975. Patton-Fuller Community Hospital encourages its patients among others that are not patients there to know the facts about the flu and the necessary measures to prevent themselves from getting the flu. This hospital has plenty of information and resources for those that are trying to stop smoking. If you are a smoker and want or need help quitting, they have plenty of help that they can offer in the aid of helping one quit. This is such an amazing and awesome opportunity for those that need the help to quit. I know that I for one am a smoker and the more I try to do it on my own, I find that I fail. Not everyone can just quit by themselves. I feel that sometimes some people just may need that extra help in their lives to get past whatever addictions it is they are going through. Through Patton-Fuller Community...
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