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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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1)How many food Chains are there in this food web? There are two food chains.(1 Mark) 2)Name a producer found in this food web? Microscopic plants(1 Mark) 3)Name two consumers found in this food web. Small fish and water boatman (2 Marks) 4)If the water boatmen all died, what would happen to the tadpoles in the short term? The tadpole population would overgrow and the perch would starve. (1 mark) 5)What would happen to the tadpoles in the long term ?(1Mark) Eventually all the microscopic plants would die out, the tadpoles and would starve. 6)What is meant by the term interdependence? (2 Marks) This means all the organisms need each other to survive that suggests if one organism is taken out of a food chain/web then they all die.

F)Please answer the following questions:-

1)What is meant by the term Classification? (1 mark) The term classification is when all the species can be sorted into groups. 2)What are the 4 Kingdoms that organisms can be classified into? (4 marks) There are animals, plants, micro organisms and fungi. 3) What are vertebrates? (1 Mark) An animal with a backbone. 4)What are the 5 group of vertebrates? (3 marks) The different groups are reptiles, birds, mammals, fish and amphibians 5)Can you name 2 features that each of the following groups of vertebrates have to enable them to classified into their groups:- •Mammals – Produce milk and give birth to live young

Birds – Most of them fly and all have solid egg shells •Fish – Have gills and live under water.
Amphibians – Have moist skin and lay soft, fragile eggs. •Reptiles – Have dry, scaly skin and lay eggs which are not soft but not hard. •(10 Marks)
6)Below is a picture of an arthropod:-
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