Curfew on Under Age Children

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Marc Post Office
Marc, Castries.
Monday 14th March, 2011.

The Editor of the Star
Massade Industrial Estate
Gros-Islet, Castries

Dear Nicole,
I am writing to voice my opinion on the introduction of legislation to impose a 7pm curfew for children under the age of 16. I strongly oppose this legislation because of freedom for children, children may have a reason and also it is the parent’s choice. I believe children should have a choice to be free and putting the away after 7pm is taking away from their freedom. The introduction of the curfew will make the children feel neglected and this may cause them to rebel. In my opinion I believe when children are deprived of certain things especially freedom they eventually claim it which may not be in the right way, those children normally destroy them when they fight for their freedom. They may join gangs or begin smoking and the parents become tired and frustrated and will let them go out. So my advice is to give them the freedom they need. The curfew on children should not be passed because some children may be enrolled in extracurricular activities which may cause them to be out pass 7Pm. Parents sometimes allow their children to take lessons which sometimes dismisses at 7:30or even 8:00. If these activities are to be cancelled then there will be a greater strain on the parents of those children they having to tutor their children after school and most times they are at work. The children do have an excuse or reason to be out pass7pm so I believe they should be free. Every child has a parent and it’s the parents’ choice as to whether they want their child to be out later than 7pm. Society normally try to rule other person’s children which is most times not too good. Parents have a responsible which is their child safety if they see a need to keep them out they can. In conclusion I speak strongly against the introduction of legislation to impose a 7pm curfew for children under age...
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