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Hootman 1
Hayley Hootman
Mr. Beachy
English II
24 February 2013
Are You In On Time?
Do you or have you ever had a curfew? Having to be home at a certain time before you get in trouble with either your parents or even the law. This is very annoying because some teens have a reason to be out late and don’t cause trouble. Not only do we as teens get in trouble but, “There is also parental responsibility in the curfew laws. Parents can be held responsible if their children are caught out after curfew.”(Pima County Sheriff Department) The government shouldn’t enforce teen curfews because sometimes teens have good reasons for being out late like studying or work, adults commit most crimes so its not fair to have a curfew just for teens, and catching teens who are out late may keep the police too busy to stop more serious crimes.

It is true that even teens who mean well can get caught up in trouble started by others. Of course this is bad, and yes it would never happen if there were a curfew. On the other hand some teens have a good reason for being out late, like studying or work. Most teens have a lot of studying to do and may be walking home from a friend after studying. They really do mean well but get in trouble for such a simple thing. “Generally curfews do not apply to young people accompanied by a parent or guardian, youths who are married, or those on emergency or business errands.”(

Nobody denies that curfews can give police the power to stop trouble before it starts. “Reducing crimes committed against minors is a popular argument for enacting a curfew. Violent crime is most likely to occur after dark. According to the National Crime Victimization Survey, two-thirds of sexual assaults happen at night. Minors are considered less likely to be able to defend themselves, potentially putting them at risk if they are out unaccompanied after dark. By enacting a curfew, regions aim to keep minors out of danger.”(Pro&Con of a...
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