Cumberland Packaing

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Cumberland Packaging

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Marketing Paper

1. Using the types of marketing strategies discussed in this chapter, indicate the type of strategy that best characterizes:

- Equal's marketing strategy during the 1980s

Equal’s marketing strategy during the year 1980s is focus on strong franchise development. This means that Equal is using the concepts of franchising in dealing to its markets and its underlying developments in the year 1980s. One good example of Equal’s strong franchise development is connected to their efforts in marketing as well as advertising practice. One good example of this one occurred in the year 1981 when G.D. Searle received an approval by FDA allowing them to market products with a revolutionary new sugar substitute which has been trademarked as NutraSweet. There was likewise then the preliminary application of Searle and that was to create Equal, also a sugar substitute.

- Sweet'n Low's marketing strategy before Equal's introduction and after Equal's introduction

Sweet’n Low’s marketing strategy before Equal is focus on production and sales strategies where in fact, Sweet’n Low had achieved booming sales despite FDA warnings as well as some substance issues on the contents of their products along with the product packaging. They’ve allowed effective market segmentation as evidenced in high percentage shares and their sales did continue upward meaning, Sweet’n Low is experiencing positive sales figures and better marketing base.

In addition, Sweet’n Low’s marketing after Equal is focus more on market leadership wherein the latter did continue to lead in supermarket unit sales. Sweet’n Low continues to dominate their product/market sales in the restaurant market during those times. This means that they’ve adapted expansion strategies in terms of their...
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