Culture Jamming

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  • Published : September 10, 2013
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Culture jamming can be defined as modifying mass media to convey a conflicting message. Jams can be obvious or subvert depending on the context. The movement aims to expose cultural assumptions and political attitudes.

India's Problem of Female Abortion and Infanticide
Most Couples Abort their Female Child, and Some Commit Female Infanticide by Culture Jam for Life photo by agence france press This article talks about widespread practice of killing girl babies and fetuses in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu

The Guerrilla girls
They are a group of women who wear gorilla masks in public when they appear. They act to prevent sexism and racism seen within politics, the art world, film and culture at large

On the website for Guerrilla Girls they have a massive selection of posters and pictures that show culture jamming. In the picture I chose as an example, they poke fun at the design of the Oscar. The women are obviously speaking out about racism and sexism within the film industry. This poster was made in 2002 though, so these statistics may have changed, but its message is still clear.

Culture jamming can be done by trying to bring about equality and outline certain aspects of culture that may seem unfair. I believe that culture jamming can prove to be an effective way of spreading a message, but it can prove to be dangerous, because sometimes altered stories or representations can be offensive or cruel. Culture jamming just needs to be handled correctly for me to accept it.
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