Culture Health Beliefs

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  • Published : May 11, 2011
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Why are Culture Health Beliefs so Important in a
Health Care Setting?

Why are Culture Beliefs so Important in a Health Care Setting? There are many cultures out in the world today that practice beliefs different than those in the United States. America is based off Western Culture and traditional medicine practices which focus on preventative and curative medicine. Most cultures around the world practice folk medicine, which focus more on the person as a whole with remedies and ceremonies rather than medicine and treatment. Even though each one believes in a different practice, all medical professionals should have the knowledge and awareness of each culture’s health beliefs to properly treat their patients in a respectful and kind way. Understanding how each culture views communication, space, religion, family, time, and illness can be very important when taking care of a patient so no one disrespects the individual. Communication is the first key element in developing a bond with a patient because it helps connect with each individual. Professors Giger and Davidhizar (2008) have noted, “Communication is a continuous process by which one person may affect another through written or oral language, gestures, facial expressions, body language, space, or other symbols. (pg 20)” Americans express their feelings with verbal expressions and use little to none nonverbal compared to other cultures and have a low-touch culture. Sixty-five percent of the message received in communication is nonverbal, which is touch, gestures and facial expressions. Touch is important to Mexican Americans and Indians because they use it as a healing process to get rid of the evil that is in the body of an ill one. Native Americans value silence and when put in a health care setting they use it to reflect on what is being said to them. While incorporating communication considering the space that surrounds the patient’s body is the next thing to consider. Always remember to respect...
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