Culture Comparison Germany vs Us

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  • Published : June 29, 2011
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United States| Germany|
The United States and Germany together can be described as low context cultures. Communication is used to exchange information, ideas, and opinions. Both countries prefer limiting communication and relationships to smaller groups of selected individuals, and sharing only information that is pertinent. Messages in both cultures tend to be more verbal and direct rather than nonverbal and indirect.| The United States was created in debt. Immigrants flock to the US viewing it as the land of the free. The citizens are granted the liberties of free speech, press, assembly, among other freedoms, but the government has its ways of limiting and banning certain things.| Germany used a huge number of resources to establish and maintain power of their empire. It is a constitutional parliamentary democracy with a good record of human rights. The government seeks to respect the civil and human rights of its citizens. The government has restricted the freedom of press, assembly, and speech.| Patriotism is very common in America. It is often that we raise flags, recite anthems, and pledge our allegiance to what we are told is the greatest nation that earth has to offer. Regardless of the history, a great number of the population is proud to be American citizens. It is a day to day thing to see a shirt, car, hat, or bandana, etc. representing American pride.| The history of Germany to Germans is not a proud subject. If someone in is wearing Germany “pride,” it is more than likely that they are a soldier, neo-Nazi, or a foreigner. Bering proud to be German is considered bad taste.| United States is the largest economy on the globe. The unemployment rate is 9%. People migrate to the US to experience a better life and standard of living. Poor people in the US are poorer than the poor in Germany.| Germany is the 5th largest economy in the world in terms of purchasing power. In recent years, people have found Germany to be a good...
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