Culture and Perception

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  • Published : May 2, 2013
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All around the world people are exposed to the world in different ways. What someone in Asia might perceive could be totally different than how someone in America might look at it. Culture plays a major role in how we all look, or perceive, things. Perception is the how you interpret some information that is given to you. You have two major ways of figuring out how you feel about certain stimuli, top-down perceptual processing and bottom-up perceptual processing. The top-down perceptual processing deals with prior knowledge of the subject, you are scared of something because it has once before scared you. Bottom-up perceptual processing does not have a prior knowledge; it is from a stimulus you do not know. These things both play major roles in how people perceive things, and they are not all the same for everyone. According to “Cultural Variation in Eye Movements during Scene Perception” is about how different cultures have different perceptions, such as westerners in particular North America. They tend to recognize more effects in a picture and more details, where as East Asians might not see all the different details as somebody like our decent would. The method of this experiment, twenty five European Americans ( 10 males, 15 females) and 27 international Chinese students, (14 males, 12 females). The Europeans were born in the United States and the Chinese student was born in china. Each participant was paid $14.00 each. The materials used were a collection of animals, nonliving things, and background scenes used from the corral collection. The picture was changed from Photoshop software. They turned the picture into 36 pictures of single, focal, and fore grounded objects with animals and non living things. The test results were a little similar. The Asians born in china are less likely to recognize little things where as American would point out everything. I did not see any weaknesses in the story. The only thing I would do differently for the...
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