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1. What forces that shape modern Saudi culture? How similar to different police forces from those that shaped the culture of Western Nations? Since cutting edge Saudi culture is established in the nomadic tribes that once meandered the Arabian Peninsula, some advanced Saudi Arabia culture can be followed to the Bedouins. Islam has additionally affected present day Saudi culture. Stores and hotels still do the day by day request to God directed by the Koran and the strict clothing standards took after by ladies make it not at all like some other Western culture in light of the fact that the qualities and the social norms are in view of religious teachings that still proceed. 2. What kind of misunderstanding or likely to arise between an American company and the Saudi enterprise, if neither of which has experience in dealing with the other? Diverse cultures have distinctive methods for working together. In Saudi Arabia, family and kinship assumes a major part in professional success though in the US singular achievement is more imperative. Ladies make up an offer of the workforce yet in Saudi Arabia women have little opportunity. It is essential that both sides are touchy to one another's culture for successful business conduction. 3. If you were in a position to advise a Western company that was considering doing business in Saudi Arabia for the first time, what would your advice be? The most imperative recommendation would be to require some serious energy and find out about the Saudi culture and the Saudi plan for working together with a particular end goal to maintain a strategic distance from any mistaken assumptions that may emerge. Since ladies have little flexibility in Saudi Arabia, it would be best for a man to be included in business circumstances in any case if the man is beneath her on the corporate scale. Tolerance is an excellence. In the US numerous organizations put a...
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