Cultural Quotient

Topics: Psychology, Intelligence, Learning Pages: 1 (298 words) Published: May 1, 2013
I think there's something profound about the world and the way it came to be. I don't mean the way this big chunk of rock and water came into existence, though that's a pretty profound thing, too, and we could debate that all day long. I think there's something profound about the way that humans exist and interact with each other. I find the term 'human nature' to be broad and overused because it would mean that all humans have the same nature. Humans, based on their cultural upbringing and personal matters, develop and grow and learn based on a variety of different life experiences. A personality is just a learned behavior stemming from memories and the reactions to said memories. The idea of a culture is a little more specific. When we talk about a culture, we talk about a selected group of individuals that follow (in the grand scheme of things) similar beliefs, ideas, and traditions that become a part of the individual. Or perhaps, a piece of the whole. I've grown up my entire life in a household based on what would be identified as very 'American' ideas and values. I think that the key to attaining peace and wisdom in your life, and to finding it in your world, is to truly look beyond the boundaries which were first set for you on the day of your birth. Cultural Quotient is a form of empathy and emotional intelligence. To truly understand someone, you have to understand their origins and their beliefs, and what they grew up with. Travel is pivotal because it promotes mutual learning between humans, and that's what's necessary to attain a high Cultural Quotient and understanding. I think that's the ultimate goal put upon us as humans; to understand ourselves.
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