Cultural Profile (Australia)

Topics: Australia, Culture, Indigenous peoples Pages: 4 (1350 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Cultural Profile

Australia is geographically located just south of China and Indonesia on the world map. It is considered to be the 6th largest country in the world in terms of land mass. Meanwhile Australia is also considered the smallest continent in the world. In 1945, Australia only had a population of about 7 million people. Since 1945 the country had gained another 6.5 million due to immigration for reasons such as escaping poverty, war and persecution. The immigrants have mainly come from the areas of Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East. Australia now prides itself on the diversification of these immigrants and their contributions that helped create the current culture. The current estimate on the population is now nearly 23 million with around 575,000 being that of the indigenous people. This total population is relatively small compared to the populations of all other inhibited continents (excluding Antarctica), but this country is has a larger economy than its population may suggest and is considered a first world country.

“Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd once described Australia to be a nation whose origins lie firmly in the west, “but whose geo-political and geo-economic circumstances are shaped in large part by our location in the east… this is the inescapable expression of the Australian condition.”” Australia’s Western feel along with their geographic location gives them a major advantage when doing business internationally. Just north of the country lies several Asian countries accumulating a large percentage of the Worlds’ population. This gives them closer access to these large populated areas with growing economies and increased purchasing power. This can lead to a significant reduction in shipping costs compared to further regions like the Americas. With the western feel in their culture they can also relate to countries in that area of the world, creating good relationships and attracting potential...
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