Cultural Diversity in Criminal Justice Paper

Topics: Racism, African American, Crime Pages: 5 (1819 words) Published: March 8, 2013
Cultural Diversity in Criminal Justice Paper
The Justice System sentencing of racial disparity will be discussing thought out this paper. Also discuss some reason racial disparity exists and case studies. There some diversity of people, offenders, and leader in the court system as of today. Race continues to play a role in the criminal justice system went it come to the sentencing process. Racial has changed some over the years. Racial has changed some over the years. The disparity is between Blacks, Hispanics, and White Americans. The Black and Hispanics gender criminals punished with severe sentences if compared with the White gender that commits the same crime. Race and gender should vehemently not be a factor in delivering justice. Racial disparity in sentencing has been evident in the court system for several years. The disparity may be between Hispanics, Blacks, and White American. For several years every jurors in a court trial were White. Today something has change and a mixer of people in a jury. Racial disparities and other forms of disparity often led to discrimination, especially in the criminal justice system. Differences in any form led to unfair treatment whether in the family or in society. In the criminal justice system it racial disparity that causes several mistreatment for people considered to be minorities. Still some people believed that disparity is a product of discrimination. This believes to start in the process of arrest up to the sentencing structure of such case. In the cases of an individual unemployed believed that the individual given less mercy than the person have a job. Also female serve less time in jail than male counterpart who committed and is found guilty of the same offense. Whenever someone sees a group of Black American arrested for whatever reason, it is easy for one to say that discrimination exist in every situation whether before, after, during the arrest, or

justice process. It is easy for society to see what behind the conclusion of an arrest. However, it may not always be the case. That the reason society should have; an open mind, the information, and the knowledge of the case. Then people in the society will see that discrimination exists or if it is just a product of disparity. The presence of discrimination in the justice system violates the equal treatment under which the law premised. For several years every jurors in a trial court were Whites. Today the jurors comprised of different races but race is still a critical factor in the outcome of a criminal case. What alarming is that research shown in the past that race is not issues with a judge decision, particularly on the difficulty of sentence an individual receive (Kansal, Tushar 2005). This will examine race discrimination happens in the justice system and draws conclusions concerning issue. The population of prisoners serving his or her sentence study by several advocacy groups. This present the finding propelled by several research studies. This aims to inform society on the patterns of discrimination in the justice system. Also, by examining the interaction of direct, indirect, evidences in racial disparity in sentencing, in capital, and non-capital punishments. Since 1980, about forty studies have published to examine the data collected to find out if racial and ethnic bias exists in the sentencing process. There about 31 studies analyzed state-level data and eight remaining data analyzed from the federal system. Many of these studies report direct racial discrimination in sentencing outcomes have persisted even though sentence laws and sentencing structures were reformed.

There an exceptional increase in the population of the prison. This occurs around several years ago increase six times, which led to incarceration around two million United States citizens. This classified about one of eight...
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