Cultural Critique- Racism

Topics: Racial segregation, Race and Ethnicity, Racism Pages: 3 (803 words) Published: May 3, 2011
Brelyn E. Finley
English 102.007 12- 12:50PM
April 7, 2011
Professor Jackson
Cultural Critique
Unfortunately, in this time and age, racism continues to be an issue in the American society, especially in the south. Since the introduction of slavery, many people have the belief that skin color determines someone’s ranking in life. After the freedom of slaves, racism became a big problem in America. As a result, other races look down upon many different cultures and ethnic groups believing that they are superior to others. Racism has lead to people discriminate against one another and become prejudice. Unfortunately, racism effects peoples lifestyles, job opportunities, and education. Racism affects a person’s lifestyle. Unfortunately, racism can cause a person to go into deep depressions. After constantly hearing negative aspects of a person’s image, people can begin to loath themselves. Unfortunately, self-loathing can cause a person to become suicidal or cause self-harm. Because of racism, people have gone to extreme lengths to change their physical appearance. For example, many people have confessed about trying to change their skin complexion by putting harmful substances on their bodies to bleach their skin. Dealing with racism can be oppressive. Fortunately, there are people who turn things like this into auspicious outcomes. For example, during the civil rights movement, the people of America fought to change the oppression of racism. By doing so, they defeated the milestone and overcame racism, by doing what they were told they could not. Instead of letting others put them down with spiteful words, they lifted each other up with encouraging words. As a result, they created self-love and the common phrase “Black is Beautiful.” Racism can also affect a person’s job opportunities. Racism cause races to believe that they are better than another race. As a result, people may discriminate against another person due to their appearance. For example, many...
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