Cuban Missile Crisis

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  • Published : February 28, 2013
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Samira Lendenmann
The Cuban Missile Crisis

1. What did Castro do that so upset the Americans?

The Americans felt that Castro was a communist due to his belief in social justice in a well planned economy and his reforms which included the nationalization of US economic interest.

2. Why were they so convinced he was a communist?

The USA saw every leader which had a strong belief in socialism and the rights of the people, as well as having visionaries of nationalism as a possible Communist; therefore they felt Castro was yet to be another communist leader following the lead of the Soviet Union which was seen to be a huge threat for the Americans.

3. Are there factors that indicate he was not a communist?

Firstly, the USA had little evidence that Castro was a communist despite his belief in the necessity for the improvement of the lives of his people, and his belief in Socialism, the americans had merely assumed his communistic nature, they refused to take into account Castro’s stern insistence that he was not a Communist, describing his method of government as ‘representative democracy and social justice in a well planned economy’, I think this sums up Castros initial regime very clearly and presents to us the fear which blinded the American people from seeing this man as an ally which would of perhaps prevented the upcoming crisis.

4. What was the significance of the Bay of Pigs invasion?

The Bay of Pigs was a very important evident as it laid bare the true motives of the American government, and emphasised to Castro that an alliance alongside America was no longer a possibility. This would what would eventually encourage Castro to make the decision to turn to the Soviets for future support.
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