Crutch Mentality

Topics: Third World, First World, Second World Pages: 2 (616 words) Published: January 21, 2011
If the responsibility of environmentalism in the 3rd world countries is going to be left with the 1st world countries, it is only going to cause a crutch mentality and a great dependence on the 1st world countries whenever it comes to dealing with environmental issues that the 3rd world countries might face.

In the future when the third world country becomes a more developed country and decide that there is no longer need for the 1st world countries to help, having left the responsibility of environmentalism in their country with the 1st world countries, the environment in their country will only get more worse than it already was before the 1st world countries had dealt with it. In addition, once one third world country starts to depend on the first world country with their environmentalism in their country they might send a message to other third world countries that they do the same and leave the responsibility with the 1st world countries or even borrow any amount of money they want and get away with it. By doing so, more of such crutch mentalities will be implemented in other countries. These countries need to focus more on development. It not only possesses intrinsic value but in the long run it will lead the Third World to become more concerned about the environment. Third world countries think that only when they are rich enough to feed themselves do they worry about the environment and future generations. They have the mentality that environmentalism is not so important and that they should leave the responsibility to the 1st world countries. As a developing country, third world countries should learn how to be able to stabilise and run their country properly; especially with how to deal with environmental problems which is an important issue in the world today. It has been observed that countries that are progressing well in their economic, health and education sectors are run by governments that are efficient and development...
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