Crumple Zone

Topics: Automobile, Crumple zone, Force Pages: 3 (864 words) Published: October 2, 2010
Crumple Zone
I choose to look at the crumple zone in cars for my technological device and briefly touch upon seat belts in cars and air bags. The crumple zone in my own words is a zone built in an automobile to compress when an accident occurs. This was built to absorb “deformation” energy from the impact. The other reason it was built, which is more common is to reduce the deaths in car accidents. Crumple zones are mostly located in the front of a car and this will absorb the energy from “head on collisions”. They are also placed in the back of an automobile to absorb energy from the “rear end collisions”. How does a crumple zone work, one may ask? Well, crumple zones work by managing crash energy, absorbing it within the outer parts of the vehicle, rather than being directly pushed to the inner car or the people inside of it, whilst also preventing destroying the passenger’s inner car. This is a huge help to the people inside, reducing suffer injuries. Said in Wikipedia this is achieved by controlled weakening of sacrificial outer parts of the car, while strengthening and increasing the rigidity of the inner part of the body of the car, making the passenger cabin into a 'safety cell', by using more reinforcing beams and higher strength steels. Impact energy that does reach the 'safety cell', is spread over as wide an area as possible to reduce its deformation. The crumple zone was originally made by an inventor called Bela Barenyi who came to the conclusion that passengers were safer in a vehicle that was designed to easily absorb the energy from an impact and keep that energy away from the people inside the cabin. He originally used a Mercedes-Benz. He made this invented this in 1952, but it was not introduced to production cars until 1959. To give an example “ Barenyi arranged the steering column and other heavy components so that they would not form blocks that would heighten the impact on the cabin. The system was designed to have the car's body...
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