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Summary-Critique Essay Assignment

Chris Neary’s Overcommitment to His Business
This case study was pulled out from an accounting seminar textbook, which contains a variety of ethical dilemma cases among business societies in different kinds of business industry. Most people encounter ethical decisions in everyday lives as well as in the workforces. The learning objective of this case study was to learn how business people react on ethical decision moments and consider in different perspectives and the consequences of it. Chris Neary, a former director of marketing for TELUS who helped create the company’s ingenious animal-themed ad campaign, owned Vancouver advertising agency called Frank communications. Because of the recession, the firm struggled financially. Chris worked assiduously to keep the business afloat and viable. He was offered $10,000 to take part in the marijuana smuggling operation across the border of Canada into United States, money he desperately needed to prop up his flagging communications firm. Chris Neary had struck a plea bargain with U.S. authorities in July by admitting to crossing the border with a backpack with 50 kilograms of marijuana with four other smugglers. He was sentenced to eight months in prison for conspiracy to distribute marijuana in a Seattle court and also sentenced to two years of probation, which can be served in Canada.

This case stury was mainly written for business students who are ready to dive into the real business-world and its intention was that graduating students should realize and expect what to come in the workforce in respect to ethical issues and thus make a decision for the greatest outcome. Decisions spring from beliefs about what norms, values, and achievements are expected, and what the rewards and sanctions are for certain actions. Ethical dilemmas arise when norms and values are in conflict, and there are alternative courses of action available. This means that the decision...
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