Critique of Fight Club (1999)

Topics: Narrative, Marxism, Helena Bonham Carter Pages: 3 (830 words) Published: January 6, 2013
Fight Club (1999), David Fincher

I am Jack’s ever-changing perception.. This film comes at you from a lot of angles: Psychoanalytically, Anarchically, Socially and Self Consciously (as a audience member). I remember watching the film for the first time and being totally blown away with the overall concept. I fell right into all the right traps laid out within the narrative and every viewing thereafter just hasn’t been the same. However, watching this film again you start to spot all the clever little things that happen from the start to the finish; cinematic gestures, the timing of writing with mise en scene.. all little clues that point out the characters true situation long before the time you realize during a first viewing. This in effect means you can enjoy the film on multiple levels at different viewings of the film, this, in addition to great characterization and the stars that play them, makes this film a cult classic.

I am Jack’s undying intrigue .. This film came from a novel, and I implore you to read this one, because, as ever, it is better than the film, but!.. The novel is really well adapted by Jim Uhls and, arguably, stands alone as its own creation separate from the book (in my opinion).. The film gives a broad audience, each, something that they can relate to within the narrative: Feeling unimportant in society, Scared of what people think about you, the wish that you could change yourself and your attitudes drastically, unfulfilled, empty, depressed and, most identifiable, debt.. A crisis of the ‘self’.. A battle of conflicting ideologies and whats right and whats wrong.. Something that goes on within all of us on some level, no matter how conscious of it we are or not.. The film and book, respectively, play out these personal battles with oneself through a very well crafted plot and narrative framework through the issue of ‘split personalities’

I am Jack’s idiosyncrasy.. The Human mind, it’s processes and influence on...
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