Critically Compare and Contrast Commercial Entrepreneurship and Social Entrepreneurship Using the Following Dimensions of Responsible Leadership (Rl).

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  • Published: September 13, 2012
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Critically compare and contrast Commercial entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship using the following dimensions of Responsible Leadership (RL). RL is a relatively new paradigm that examines existing leadership against ● higher-order strategy, which is concerned with:

a. viability,
b. accountability,
c. ethics,
d. decision making, and
e. acting in an appropriate manner.
● sustainability, which is a key aspect of Responsible Leadership and is concerned with: f. transparency,
g. observing community obligations,
h. integrity,
i. fair treatment,
j. managing negative impacts of the work process and
k. demonstrating humanity.
(Rose, Gordon & Hattingh 2010)
A useful text regarding the new construct of Responsible leadership is J Doh, & S Stumpf, (eds.) 2005, Handbook on responsible leadership and governance in global business, Cheltenham UK, Edward Elgar Publishing.

Appendix to your essay.
You do not have to provide any explanation for your allocation of points between the two types of entrepreneurship. This is obtaining your perspective after reflecting on your critical comparison and contrast of the two types of entrepreneurship against the particular dimensions of responsible leadership.

You should include an appendix in the following manner and allocate 10 points between Commercial entrepreneurship and Social entrepreneurship for each of the dimensions noted Your allocation should reflect how strongly you rate the relevance of each of the dimensions to the two forms of entrepreneurship. Please note that you may also include additional dimensions of responsible leadership that your literature review may uncover. I have shown a possible distribution of the 10 points for how one may decide to allocate the 10 points between the two forms of entrepreneurship for demonstrating humanity. You must do this for all of the dimensions stated above and for additional dimensions of responsible leadership that you uncover in your search of the...
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