Critical Thinking in Creating Balance Life

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Critical Thinking in Creating Balance Life

How to Maintain a Work Life Balance
Choose the correct line of work. Your profile of work holds the most important spotlight when it comes to maintaining the balance. If the work that you do is what you love, making that balance is a way easier job. Choose to do what interests you, triggers you intellectually and where at the end of the day you come back and say "Though it was exhausting, I made it through the day and am satisfied at the end of the day". Every work comes with its set of difficulties, deadlines and usual confusion. If you love what you do even all these negativity will seem positive aspects of the bigger picture. -------------------------------------------------

Draw a line between professional and personal life. This is a very important thing that we either tend to overlook or stretch. There is a very famous saying "Stretch the elastic only till the extent the elasticity doesn't get lost". We realize that we have failed in this aspect when either we have failed marriages or children whom we gave birth to but emotionally are not ours. This tip requires cooperation from both the employee and the employer's side. Maintain the demarcation and don't overlap. when it is work time, work like crazy, but don't compromise on family time. Remember name, money, fame and job are all temporary. The only thing constant in all these phases is family and friends. If they get the time, love and attention you have lived a content life. And for the employers, it is important that they respect this balance that their employee tries to maintain. -------------------------------------------------

Leave the rat race. You never came on this Earth to be a rat anyways! There is a very thin line of difference between passion and greed. The passion to learn more and be the best is different from working like dogs to get the next promotion or a raise. If there is passion and fire in what you do, your family will also respect. If it is greed of money, power and position you will loose them somewhere down the race and the rat will be left alone soon. So be passionate but not greedy. -------------------------------------------------

Have the proper mindset. Its all about the perspective. Sometimes just a small change in the way you view things can make host of a difference. Set your priorities in order. Aim for contentment rather than filling the bank with mindless currency. Go for planned holidays, give a gift to your wife/husband, go for a football game with kids and at the same time put your heart and soul in work during office hours. -------------------------------------------------

Look at life beyond professional achievements. You strive for professional success where you dedicate yourself to the job and at the end of the year your list of achievements gives you a promotion or a hike. Have a list of personal goals and keep striving to achieve them. Personal competency with respect to your family and personal enhancement is as important as professional competency. Keep your loved ones as happy as you try to keep your boss. -------------------------------------------------

Personal Experiences :All the personal experiences with the passage of time lead us to improve one’s living standard where we need to setup every time our work / life balance, while nature already set it up even from the beginning of life on this earth. -------------------------------------------------

What Nature tells us? As sun rises, the entire living creature on this earth open’s the eyes, take a deep breath and get ready for the...
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