Critical Review Whether Economic Growth Is Good

Topics: Pollution, People's Republic of China, Poverty Pages: 3 (1139 words) Published: January 9, 2013
Module Title – Issues in Global Economy

Module Title – Issues in Global Economy

Critical review 1

Word Count: 955

This report has explored that whether economic growth is good, and base on Robert Reich’s article“Why Growth is Good” to critique economic growth. In Reich’s opinion, the economic growth has much more benefits than weakness. Even though the economic growth leads to environment pollution, Reich also states that environment can be improvement. And the more economic capacity country has the more ability to improve environment and public faclity. The poor countires has no ability to keep their environment. However, the author's point of view is basically problematic. Although economic growth can bring some benefits, rapid economic growth have more disadvantage than benefits. The rapid economic growth has exacerbated the gap of wealth and polluted the environment. Government should focus on those aspects rather than the rapid of growth. The Robert Reich’s article is support that the growth is good. And in the article, it also gives some reasons to show why growth is good. At begin of the article, the author has shown some disadvantages about economic growth, like environment pollution. But, in the followed paragraphs of the article, the author has explored some key benefits of economic growth. The author believes that the environment pollution can be improvement after the economic growth. And Rich countries have ability to control environmental pollution, poor countries is difficult to improve environment. Economic growth can also bring a good environment management and improve public health and education system. There is a good example in the article, USA chooses to devote a larger proportion of that capacity to consumer goods, health care, and the military and provide aid to the rest of the world (Reich, 2010). This example shows the economic growth faster country has a role in help public infrastructure and helps...
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