Critical Regionism

Topics: Architecture, Critical regionalism, Germany Pages: 2 (468 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Critical Regionalism

Critical regionalism was first introduced as an architectural concept in the early 1980s in essays by Alexander Tzonis, Liane Lefaivre and subsequently, Kenneth Frampton. It was describe as a contemporary architecture which could neither be branded as internationalism nor as a historical concept of region and architecture. Over the last twenty years, along with the rise of the internet and global finance, the global has become the prevailing regime of art production and exhibition. When architect Kenneth Frampton proposed the idea of critical regionalism, he was responding to a similar trend in contemporary building design, which he saw as determined more by cheap materials than by any imaginative response to beauty, space or function. Furthermore, Frampton's critical attempt was to work against an ever-increasing industrialized and standardized world wide use of building material and construction methods which neglects and destroy local tradition and their identity into contemporary architecture.

Six points of an Architecture of Resistance. Without getting two heady, Frampton proposes that Critical Regionalism mediates between universally accepted practice and the particularities of place or locality, recalling the phrase, "think globally act locally." Further, that architects should adopt modern architecture critically for its universal progressive qualities but at the same time should value responses particular to the context with emphasis on topography, climate, light, tectonic form, etc.

It was also describe as Modern architecture that was taken up in many countries of the south to re-examine their traditions in search of their own traditional value, principles and identity. In this process had an impact on how local architecture should be created without simply copying fragments from the past.

To begin with for my understanding, critical regionalism has a lot to do with identity. Basically, in the past, architecture was...
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