Critical Infrastructure

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  • Published : February 20, 2012
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Critical Infrastructures 1 Running head: CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURES

Critical Infrastructures
Public Safety Organizational Leadership

Running head: CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURES 2 The jurisdiction that I chose to analyze and critique is Charleston, SC which happens to be my home. However, that is not the reason I chose to analyze this specific location, but Charleston, SC in my opinion has several major key role playing pieces when it comes to the our nations overall war on terrorism. First, Charleston, SC has an Air Force Base, Navy Base which has nuclear training and a Coast Guard Base as well. Additionally, the Navy Base has a Navy Jail which has housed different types of federally charged criminals in the past including accused a terrorist. Lastly, Charleston has a National Seaport where Cruise ships operate year round as well as Cargo ships transporting different types of goods which if disrupted could cause a economic blow to many different types of retailers, throughout the east coast, who rely on the port to bring in goods for consumers.

Some of the issues that Public Safety officials should be aware of in Charleston, SC is the fact that during hurricane season the “Low Country “as they call it is high in threat to be hit by hurricanes head on or at a minimum receive the high damaging wind and rain. Additionally, Charleston, SC is known for extreme flooding in the downtown area and can cause major problems if there ever was a reason to evacuate personnel from the downtown area which is where the cruise ships dock and the Coast Guard is located. Another issue that Public Safety officials would have to take into consideration would be the public transportation system. In my opinion at best the transportation system would receive a C-...
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