Crimnials Need Help More Than Punishment

Topics: Crime, Criminology, Sociology Pages: 3 (999 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Criminals Need Help More Than Punishment
It is always a disputable topic that criminals need help more than punishment. What is my original idea about this? My answer is: I agree that criminals should be offered help rather than be rejected for the rest of their lives. However, the premise of my argument is that criminals have been punished for what they had done. I have to make it clear, otherwise some people might criticize me for having the idea that criminals should be helped but not punished, which actually is not what I mean at all. Most people, especially victims of various crimes, desire justice to be exercised, they want punishment for criminals. Throughout the history of human society, there have always been various kinds of punishments for criminals. Top ten brutal corporal punishments were very well-known torture for criminals in ancient China. The point is: over time, there have been different types of punishments, but crimes never stop. It is nearly an impossible task to wipe out all crimes, because the occurrence of crime depends largely on social circumstance. When the society is in a fine state, crime rate drops; the other way around, it increases. Therefore, in order to prevent reoffence, using punishment for the purpose of deterrence is necessary. Moreover, Over time there have been shifts in penal theory, and therefore in the purpose of punishment due to a complex set of reasons including politics, public policy, and social movements. Consequently, in a cyclical process, an early focus on deterrence as the rationale for punishment gave way to a focus on reform and rehabilitation. This, in turn, has led to a return to punishment based on the notion of retribution and just deserts. Above are several technical terms for criminal punishment. However, I think the ultimate solution for this problem is to create a system to help criminals find their inner goods back. This is the sustainable way to keep our society safe. I would like to say no man...
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