Crime Theories

Topics: Sociology, Morality, Criminology Pages: 2 (468 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Crime Theories
Information Technology in Crime
August 13, 2012

There are several theories on why people commit crimes and people will never stop creating these theories. The theory that I believe it the reason why people commit crimes is the Subcultural Theory. This states that all criminals have values, norms, and beliefs but they are so much different from “our” values, norms, and beliefs. To the criminal, he is following their values, norms, or beliefs but we see it has breaking or not following ours. So this is how he gets is name as a criminal. But not everyone that is under subcultural theory is a criminal, anyone with a different value, norm, or belief out of the dominant culture is considered subcultural.

I believe that this is the most relevant to digital crime because the world is changing every day, and a lot of people can agree that not everyone these days has the same values, norms, or beliefs. That is how the world is created because not everyone has the same beliefs. These people committing these digital crimes know that it is against the average values, norms, or beliefs but he knows that it is not against his, so he commits the crime, proceeding as innocent in his eyes. There are different types of subcultural frameworks that have been developed and vary based on assumptions about the members’ adherence to conventional norms and values. Other frameworks do not require members of a subculture to perfectly adhere to its specific values. There are several crimes that could fit into this category. The dominant culture states that any harm made to others is morally wrong, and thou shall not steal, or lie. These are only a few of the commandments that people follow every day. Anyone who violates these are considered to be placed into the subcultural theory. Any crime like theft, murder, rape, and etc. can be classified in this theory.

Subcultural Theory is a theory that I believe explains about why a lot of criminals stay in habit of...
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