Crime Prevention Plan

Topics: Crime, Criminology, Law enforcement Pages: 2 (272 words) Published: December 15, 2007
Crime Prevention Plan:

If I were hired to help improve crime prevention with in a community, my plan would start with

Community Awareness; let it be known crime is not tolerated and yet help is available for those in

need, education, and other social areas. I would get to know my community by means of verbal-

contact, community meetings, visual scouting, and research previously recorded crime rates for

the area. Begin with Community Awareness, show a constant enforcement presence. This will

assure the community that their protection is priority. This will also help with verbal-

communication with the community and promote community involvement programs, such as;

community crime stoppers. Next step is to survey the area thru- visual and verbal-contact with

community members. This will help with knowing the area; such as: street names, hospitals,

multiple store locations, hang-outs, drug-infested areas, school zones, prominent neighborhoods,

and poor neighborhoods. This will help identify problem areas, but may not produce many verbal

responses with in the community because of fear. My next step would be to attend community

meetings, see if the information you have just collected coincides with information the community

produces and make corrections as needed. Next step would be to add law enforcement

personnel (the majority) to the most severe locations and apply the rest as floaters (they are not

restricted to one area). The added personnel to problem areas should reduce crime rate thru

continuous patrolling. The floating personnel add protection by means of pure-luck and non-

consistency of rout. Makes it harder for criminals to plan an acheive a non-involved (police)

criminal action.
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