Crime Causation and Diversion Paper

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  • Published : November 30, 2012
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Crime Causation and Diversion Paper

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Juvenile Justice Systems and Processes
LeDetra Jones
October 01, 2012

Crime Causation and Diversion Paper
Today the public became more concern about youth crime rising within the community. The public also believes that some of juvenile delinquents do not belong behind bars whereas others do. In the concern of the juveniles who do not belong behind bars the public started creating community outreach programs, intervention, and prevention programs. These programs create an environment for the youth to understand the consequences of their actions, responsibility, and help. This paper will be examining two juvenile diversions, interventions, and prevention programs, which are Island Girl Power and Inafa' Maolek. The following will be addressed in the paper: How do they work to reduce juvenile crime (Based on analysis). Programs major goals, objectives, and core beliefs? Who are the key participants? Services provided? Which program is most effective at reducing crime and why? How programs reduce juvenile crime and major goal, objectives, and core beliefs The Inafa'Maolek is Guam's only organization that dedicates exclusively to peacemaking, especially in settling disputes such as mediation, restorative justice, and conflict resolution training of all ages (Inafa'Maolek, 2010). The trainings conducted by Inafa'Maolek helps establish peer mediation programs in more than 30 public schools ranging from elementary to high schools. These special programs currently in schools include Date Rape Workshops, Bullying Workshops, and Hate Crimes Workshops. The organization provides programs to all sectors in the community, including senior citizens (Manamko) as well as DYA families. The heart and souls of its work focuses on mediating conflicts, many referred by Superior Court Judges (Inafa'Maolek). Island Girl Power is a program on Guam that works to Empower, Encourage, and Inspire young...
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