Crime and Punishment and Its Correlation

Topics: Criminology, Crime, Law Pages: 2 (558 words) Published: August 16, 2010
Why do we need laws? how do laws impact our society and human nature? Do we follow laws because we are afraid of consequences or because we are moral? If laws are the solution to crime, then why is that there is not a crime free society? These are the standard questions anyone would ask when they read any crime report or any law enforcement article on the newspaper. In this presentation I ve tried to collect answers for the above questions through my topic CRIME and PUNISHMENT and correlate them to get a better idea on my topic. NEED FOR LAWS

Laws don't impact our human nature, they just create a barrier around it. Our human nature is just like any other animal: eat, sleep, kill, reproduce. Without laws, we will regress back into our animal instincts and kill one another to get what we want. Laws impact society by creating order. It would be more accurate to say that society is created by having laws in place as opposed to it being impacted by laws. Without laws, society cannot exist. The laws can be understood or written, but the must be there in order to have a society. We need laws in society so our society can regulate and work properly. They are designed to protect us and our property and to ensure that everyone in society behaves the way that the community expects them too. Without laws there would be complete anarchy. CRIME AND PUNISHMENT BASED SOCIETY

In a society based on laws, crime and punishment are serious topics. Crime is present in every form in this world and for every crime the law has a punishment; the law has formulated a punishment to control the crime rates in the society. The crimes might be drug trafficking,gunrunning,money laundering,extortion,murder,fraud,homicide,robbery,poaching,assault.With each new crime that pops up, another method of detection is developed; and with each new crime that pops up, another means of protecting yourself comes to light..

Exactly what is crime? Simply put, crime is an act that violates...
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