Crime Against Women and Challenges to Overcome Them

Topics: Human rights, Violence against women, Universal Declaration of Human Rights Pages: 16 (5632 words) Published: April 9, 2013
“Crimes against women and challenges in abolishing the crimes” -------------------------------------------------


SUBMITTED BY: - Ritu Rajput
DATE OF BIRTH:-28-09-1991
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Crimes against women and challenges in abolishing the crimes Ritu Rajput


Swami Vivekananda said, “That country and that nation which did not respect women have never become great nor will ever in future”. Study of the history of human society reveals that in no society of the world have women enjoyed absolute equality on par with men. Everywhere they were subjected to inequality, discrimination and exploitation. The Constitution of India provides equal rights and opportunities to women. It does not make any discrimination on the ground of sex. This does not mean that our women are completely free from problems. On contrary, the changing situation is causing them problems. They are now beset with new stress and strains. Violence against women is not a new phenomenon in India. “Women in Indian society have been victims of abduction, rape, murder and torture of women.” But, female victims of violence have not been given much attention in the literature on social; problems or in the literature on criminal violence. Crime against women is ever increasing problem and has been growing more acute in India during the recent years. Crime against women rape, molestation, dowry harassment, eve teasing, wife-battering, is kidnapping female children to be sold into brothel homes, cheating young women, various types of sexual harassments”. Women empowerment is process to overcome this problem. Women are empowered through- women emancipation movement, education, communication, media. Women are not much after equality with men. But they expect a change in the attitude of men towards them and their status. Indian laws are made and they don’t see the consequences of it. Law focuses on the evidence and takes time in delivering judgment which increases the power of the criminals to do more crime.

Centuries have come, and centuries have gone, but the plight of women is not likely to change. Time has helplessly watched women suffering in the form of discrimination, oppression, exploitation, degradation, aggression, humiliation. In Indian society, woman occupies a vital position and venerable place. The Vedas glorified women as the mother, the creator, one who gives life and worshipped her as a ‘Devi' or Goddess. Male violence against women is worldwide phenomenon. There are various forms of crime against women. Sometimes it is even before birth, some times in the adulthood and other phrases of life. In the Indian society, position of women is always perceived in relation to the man. Violence against women both inside and outside of their home has been a crucial issue in the contemporary Indian society. The present study felt the need that in the era of globalization and modernization the present trends of crimes against women is on increase. Recently the brutal gang rape against 23 year student in Delhi again sparked the debate on Indian mental set up and existing law and order in the Country. The semantic meaning of ‘crime against women’ is direct or indirect physical or mental cruelty to women. In the Platform for Action, the core document of the Beijing Conference, Governments declared that "violence against women constitutes a violation of basic human rights and is an obstacle to the achievement of the objectives of equality, development and peace". Its objective is to show the many ways in which violence is relevant to legal disputes, even where it is not the...
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