Creative writing- Imaginative Recount on pharaoh and Mummification

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  • Published: March 14, 2009
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Year 8 Ancient History-EgyptResearch and Imaginative accountThe Greatest pharaoh who ever livedThe story of my deathIt all began on one rainy day. I was 26 and I was drinking from a golden goblet, which had my name engraved on it, when suddenly, I began to feel dizzy and I lost my balance. Before I knew it, I found myself on the floor. The goblet that I drank from had pure venom in it from the most poisonous snake of Egypt. I saw my life roll past my eyes. I even had some visions, in which I was not at the scene.

At that very moment, my heart snapped in half. I saw the person who had wanted me to die. I saw the person who poured the venom into the goblet. I saw the person who sent me to my bitter death. I would have cried like a baby if I was still alive. My sister, Mer-Neith, who was also my wife, was the devil, the heartless woman, who killed me and put me to my miserable end.

My life and reign as Pharaoh Amat Hasafara was over. I, the wealthiest, most powerful being of Egypt was dead. I, the only person who ever became pharaoh on the day of his birth was no more. My servants, belongings and the greatest life I could wish for was all gone into a state of nothingness. I had died in the most horrible way anyone could possibly fear.

The only good news left to hope for was that I would for once meet my father, Tutankhamen. I would also meet my mother who passed away immediately after my birth. I would finally be re-united with the parents I never knew.

I thought it was over. I thought my life had ended and I thought that I would never think a thought again, but suddenly I realised that although I had been separated from my body, my Ba and Ka were floating around, following my body and watching its every move.

My royal body lay there motionless and when the servants arrived, Mer-Neith made a huge scene. She cried and hugged my corpse. She screamed and she sobbed, dropping tears all over me. The heartless woman got away with my murder with her great acting skills.

Mer-Neith and everybody else who knew about the death informed the whole country and before I knew it, my body was carried to a huge tent, known as where embalmers mummified it over a seventy-day period. The priests that followed my body to the 'ibu', which meant 'House of Purification', had to stand outside because they could not take the smell.

First, my body was washed with good-smelling palm wine and rinsed with water from the river Nile. Then my brain was removed bit by bit through my nose with a long hook and then it was disposed of because it was meaningless.

Next, a cut was made near my left abdomen, where my lungs, liver, intestines, and stomach were removed. They were dried with natron to preserve them, wrapped in linen and sealed in Canopic jars.

The lungs were in a baboon-headed jar; the liver was in a human-headed jar; the intestines were in a falcon-headed jar and the stomach was in a jackal-headed jar. Each of the different headed jars represented a separate god that protected their particular organ.

Hapi protected the lungs, Imesty protected the liver, Qebehsenuef protected the intestines and Duamutef protected the stomach. The heart was not removed because it was considered the seat of the intellect and it would be needed later in the afterlife. The kidneys were of little importance, so they were discarded.

After that, my body was covered in natron to dry it out and placed on a tilted slab so that liquids would drip into a basin and the body would be completely dry.

It was left there for forty-one days and then it was washed again with water from the Nile and covered in oils to help the skin stay elastic. Next, my body was filled with dry materials like sawdust and linen to maintain the body shape. It was then covered with good-smelling oils again and it was ready to be wrapped.

First, a gold plate with Horus' eye on it was placed over the slit on my abdomen to cover the cut. Horus' eye symbolizes the soundness...
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