Creative Piece of the Great Gatsby

Topics: Tram accident Pages: 4 (1263 words) Published: March 25, 2013
“What are you doing?” Nick inquired.
“Just standing here, old sport.” I felt relieved, at least I had a friend standing in this dark night with me now, I won’t be alone anymore like I was always be. Somehow, I know my face looks really vicious right now. I might be too worried about what happened tonight. Nick seemed to be frightened by me. After a really awkward silence, I decided to shoot my question:” Did you see any trouble on the road?” “Yes, ”obviously he’s waiting for my confession. I don’t want to surrender my little hope that quickly, “ Was she killed?” “Yes.” His reply was simple and strong.

At that moment I had the impulsion to tell him everything happened tonight, but I still kept it to myself eventually. “ I thought so; I told Daisy I thought so. It’s better that the shock should all come at once. She stood it pretty well.” I was kind of surprised by my attitude. I was talking about a dead woman who had been killed by Daisy and all I care is Daisy’s reaction. Since when did I become so cold-blooded? To distract him from my reaction, I continued:” I got to West Egg by a side road and left the car in my garage. I don’t think anybody saw us, but of course I can’t be sure.” I tried my best to put on a cheerful smile and tell him everything will be ok. He’s astonished by my indifferent attitude. “ Ok, man, I really don’t think you understand how severe this car accident was and I hate to tell you that you are absolutely wrong,” he skillfully hid his disgusted face and went on,” her name was Wilson. Her husband owns the garage. Now let’s be honest, it was you or Daisy driving that damn devil car?” I know he would punch me in my face if I kept saying some nonsense. “Yes, she was driving, but of course I ‘ll say I was. When we left New York she was really nervous that she thought she would be steady if she could drive. You know I always let her do whatever she wants to do. So this woman, rushed out at us just as we were passing a car coming the other way....
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