Crains Paper

Topics: Urban area, Metropolitan area, City Pages: 2 (449 words) Published: February 13, 2013
; Roberto Diaz-Brown
January 23, 2013
Period 1
English Skills
Cranes Alternate Ending
After Song-Sam and Tok-Jae saw the cranes soaring through the blue autumn sky Sam-Song retied Tok-Jae up.
Tok-Jae said, “Why did you tie me up again?”
Song-Sam said, “I still have to bring you back to the metropolitan area for questioning.”
Tok-Jae said, “Why?”
Song-Sam was quiet on the way to the metropolitan area. But Song-Sam Silence was only temporary. All of a sudden they heard a loud noise, it sounded like a civilization creeping towards Song-Sam and Tok-Jae. The civilization jumped up out of the bushes and yelled “We are anarchy and we are against government and fighting.” “I am the leader of this anarchy, I am wise and old, and in bad health, I am on the way to see the surgeon, but I never travel alone.” said the Patriarch.

“We are not here to hurt you if you think that we are” said Song –Sam.
“No, we don’t think that but why are you walking through our suburb?” said the Patriarch.
“To question this man of war” said Song-Sam.
“I am confident that we are going to get out of here soon because he doesn’t look too good” said Tok-Jae to Song-Sam.
“We have to get to leave now I’m not feeling to well” said the Patriarch.
The anarchy let them pass, but told them to have good etiquette throughout the rest of their journey. As they were approaching the metropolitan area they passed the Matriarch of the anarchy. She handed each of them an antique cup filled with an opaque liquid.

Tok-Jae asked, “What is this liquid?”
The Matriarch said, “It is milk, you guys look very thirsty.”
They said thank you to the matriarch and continued on their journey. Now they were in an urban area with an abundant amount of buildings. This was evidence that they were getting closer. Song-Sam was very observant of the buildings, and the people outside the buildings. Song-Sam noticed a girl that was a childhood friend. He bought her a gift, wrapped it, and marked it as...
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