Cradle of Civilization

Topics: Trade, Silk Road, Society Pages: 2 (722 words) Published: October 17, 2011
Although the word “civilization” some consider controversial, it is actually a term that describes basic needs of the group of people that have already achieved a point of where they could go further in the terms of progress. Advanced cities, division of labor, complex institutions, advanced technology and record keeping are “criteria” for naming a certain group a “civilization”. To consider a civilization that is being advanced, we look at the progress made by agriculture, labor, and urbanism, One of the important factors to show advance of the civilization is also a long-distance trade. Food, and other resources that one country has doesn’t mean that the other will have also. That is why trade is important- changing of material goods and also it can lead to an income in a country in a terms of wealth for the government. China is one of the most notable global traders because it keeps the prices of the goods very low so other countries buy them, which means that China makes a lot of money and other countries get the resources by a very good prices, which shows us that connection to the world is more than important.

Even though trade (which is the best example for the connection to the world) should be included in the five criteria that HS books propagate because it makes everybody wealthier and it provides exchange of the goods between the countries and makes their resources diverse, contrary to that datum record keeping is included in the criteria. Record keeping is very important because it lets present day civilization know their ancestors, but record keeping by itself is not crucial for the definition of the civilization. Think about how many civilizations got destroyed because we don’t know anything about them, but we can still name them civilizations because they are characteristic for the certain period. I’m sure that some of the first civilizations didn’t keep their records because they thought that someone will be...
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