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  • Published: April 1, 2014
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Schedule for The Metamorphosis*
AssignmentDue Date
Surrealism and Existentialism Word Webs________
Franz Kafka and The Metamorphosis________
Reading Guide Chapter 1________
Reading Guide Chapter 2________
Reading Guide Chapter 3________
The Metamorphosis Quiz________
Kafkanesque Images and Symbolism________
Character Attribute Chart________
Post Reading Discussion________
The Metamorphosis Glossary Vocabulary Test ________
What is an Allegory?/Gregor’s Metamorphosis as Allegory________ Allegory and Symbol Parts I-IV________
Symbolism in The Metamorphosis________
The Metamorphosis Test ________

*Note: Dates are subject to change.

Word Webs:
Existentialism and Surrealism

Franz Kafka and The Metamorphosis

The Metamorphosis Reading Guide Chapter 1

Chapter 1
1. What is Gregor Samsa’s initial reaction to his metamorphosis and the part of his “new life” that troubles him?

2. What are examples of Gregor’s denial of his transformed condition?

3. What is Gregor’s view of his job and the summation of his life.

4. What is Gregor’s opinion of his boss?

5. What is Gregor’s relationship with each of his family members?

6. How is Gregor’s locked door a symbol?

7. Describe the symbolism of weather.

8. What affect does the arrival of the office manager have on the family?

9. Describe Gregor’s voice and the reactions he gets from the manager, his mother, his father and describe Gregor’s to their reaction.

10. Describe the manager, his mother, his father reactions to Gregor’s appearance and he to them.

The Metamorphosis Reading Guide Chapter 2

Chapter 2
1. What differences occur in Gregor and his family following his metamorphosis?...
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