Court History and Purpose Paper

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  • Published : January 29, 2013
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Court History and Purpose Paper
Valerie Wilson

Court History and Purpose Paper
A court is a place where justice is administered. It is a tribunal duly constituted for the hearing and determination of cases, and a session of a judicial assembly. The courts are here to settle disputes between parties. The purpose for the courts is to hear the defendant's cases and either rule to dismiss or sentence the defendant to some type of punishment. The defendant is given a chance to plead guilty, not guilty, or no contest. If the defendant pleads guilty during their arraignment the judge may sentence them at that time or schedule them for sentencing. If they plead not guilty than their case is scheduled for a trial, depending on what charges are filed by the Prosecuting Attorney or District Attorney. During a trial officers, medical specialist, forensic experts, and witnesses may be subpoenaed. At this time the judge will hear both sides of the opposing counsel. The judge and jury are the fact finders. The jury will deliberate and come back to court with a decision. At this time the judge will read their decision and is the one who determines the law. At the sentencing the judge will make the final decision. If a defendant pleas no contest than they leave it up to the judge to choose what punishment or sentencing is given for that person. No matter what that defendant pleas during the arraignment they do give the option to come clean or fight their case in a trial. The judicial system in the United States is made up of two different court systems: the federal court system and the state court systems. Each court system is responsible for hearing certain types of cases, neither is completely independent of the other. The systems often interact with one another. Solving legal disputes and vindicating legal rights are key goals of both court systems. The main purpose of the dual court system refers to a sharing of powers between the...
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