Course Description of Adobe Photoshop

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Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop
Instructor Kathleen H Mahoney Department Office: 516-678-5000 x6271 Home Phone: 516-887-3647 Email: Molloy College Art Department Wilbur Hall 1000 Hempstead Avenue Rockville Centre, New York 11571

Course Description
This course will start with an introduction to the computer lab and Macintosh computers. Course instruction will be an introduction to Adobe Photoshop using the Macintosh. We will be using the software program Photoshop as a tool to create images. This program will allow the student to manipulate photographic and non-photographic images as well as painted images that can be output to a printer, or transparency film, as well as stored on disc. The emphasis in this class will be to develop technique and creative style. Students will be instructed in techniques of PostScript drawing, photo illustration and 2D design. Emphasis will be on developing technique, style and accuracy with design principles.

Course Objectives
Students should thoroughly understand the material in Photoshop, so that they can use it as a tool for creating artwork and solving specific art and design problems. In addition, some of the basic art and design principles will be covered. Basic fundamentals of the computer will also be introduced such as the use of computer operations. This course will provide the student with a basic foundation for accomplishing digital image manipulation, photo illustration, and design on a computer. The course will reinforce and encourage use of basic design principles. The student will gain experience with a variety of computer graphic and design projects. In addition, basic fundamentals of computer graphics and desktop publishing will be introduced. Throughout the course, the student will practice basic computer operations.

Recommended Materials
Notebook USB No textbook required.

Special Requirements


Adobe Photoshop

Instructional Procedures
Lectures, demonstrations, and instruction. Critiques and group discussions. Class direction on projects and individual development.

Four to Five projects and an extensive final project will be assigned. Projects will generally be assigned each week and will be due the following week. Late projects will either not be accepted or will result in a lowered grade. Students are encouraged to substitute any of the assigned projects with one of their own projects as long as they relate to the material presented in class and are discussed with the instructor (for approval) at the time the class project is assigned. Students will need to spend time in the lab or on their own computer (outside of class time) to complete these projects. One term paper (four to five pages, single spaced and typeset) will be due near mid semester. In addition, there will be tutorial assignments worked on in class. Finally, all students should maintain notes on class lectures, demonstrations and instruction. Class attendance is essential. Any forms of academic dishonesty such as plagiarism, cheating or lying may result in serious grade reductions.

Term Paper
The term paper should be four to five pages of text, single-spaced and typeset. Topics may include but not be limited to: a short biography of an artist or graphic designer, a summary of any work of art, a description of an art related event, or a step by step documentation of any project or technique that you wish to research. Please feel free to use the internet for source material but be aware that anyone can put information on the world wide web so not everything you read is reliable. Try to develop a feel for the accuracy of your resources. Please state your sources and write in your own words.

Your final grade will be determined by the sum of points awarded for your performance in the following areas: Percent Projects as assigned (usually 4 to 5) Final project Midterm and Final exams...
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