Courage and Vincent

Topics: Courage, Andrew Niccol, Hero Pages: 2 (800 words) Published: February 23, 2013
The Gattaca Text response:

Is Vincent the hero in ‘’Gattaca’’?

A typical hero is someone who is able to be admired or idealize courage, outstanding achievements or noble qualities. Andrew Niccol’s film text ‘’Gattaca’’ displays Vincent Anton Freeman as a character with innumerable heroic acts and qualities but the fact that he lacks some heroic qualities brings him short of being the hero in ‘’Gattaca’’. The film furthermore portrays the fact that there is no real hero in Gattaca, just like Vincent Freeman, these other characters lack complete heroic qualities and abilities.

Vincent displays multifarious heroic qualities throughout the film ‘’Gattaca’’. Instances of such qualities comprise of courageousness, when he saves Anton’s life ‘’at the times they were playing at the water pools’’. Even though he was a well-doubted person he still proved to be valiant. This is seen when Vincent remark to Anton ‘’Incase you have forgotten I don’t need any rescuing, but you did once.’’ This remark reinforces the point that he has achieved heroic acts. Vincent shows the quality of courageousness and many others such being an inspiration to others, exceeding his potentials and executing extraordinary things. A case in point that truly demonstrates these qualities is his pursuit of his dream of going into the space. ‘’With a bad heart and ‘’one chance in a hundred’’, Vincent still managed to achieve his dreams which truly demonstrate what hero’s do everyday and that is make the impossible possible. Although Vincent posses countless number of heroic qualities he comes short of these qualities countless times as well.

Vincent Freeman is not the hero in Gattaca. Even thought he posses many hero-like qualities, equally he also posses the same amount of a non-heroic person. In certain cases the opposite. Vincent’s action of leaving home without saying bye to anyone his parents especially who both ‘‘died thinking they have outlived him’’. This shows a sense of...
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