Counting with Base Ten Blocks

Topics: Problem solving, Roman numerals, Numeral system Pages: 3 (836 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Counting with Base Ten Blocks
Standards:1.NBT.2 A-C|
Objectives: * Students shall understand and compute operations using base ten blocks. * Students shall understand numbers and ways of representing numbers, relationships among numbers and number systems.| Activities: -Students will review adding and subtracting with base ten blocks. They will get a pre-made laminated sheet with indicators of each base – ones, tens, hundreds, thousands. I will give them different problems on the board, and they will have to find the sum & difference-Students will then play ‘race to 100’ with a partner. (Can change to race to 500, 1000, etc.)| First, I will start off by reviewing the values of each base ten blocks.We will go over and practice a few problems before I make them do problems on their own. I will model the proper way of grouping and taking away to refresh their memory. We will review 1 unit, how 10 units will create a rod of ten, and how ten rods will create a flat of one hundred, and how 10 flats will create a cube of 1,000. I will go around and observe the children to see if they are properly using the base ten blocks and grouping or taking away in the proper manner as well as other things.| Race to 100 game: This is a partner activity, so place each person with a partner or let them choose their partner.-Have each partner roll the dice and the one who rolls the highest, goes first.-The players will take turns rolling the dice, adding each roll onto their previous amount using base ten blocks, and racing to reach 100. They should regroup and take away to complete the tasks.For example: Player 1 will roll the dice. Let’s say he/she rolls a 5, they will then take 5 units, showing what their score is. The next player does the same. Now it is player one’s turn again and let’s say they roll a 6. (The goal is for them to mentally recognize that they now put back their 5 singles and trade for one rod and one single. This shows they understand addition...
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