Counseling Abused Women

Topics: Domestic violence, Child abuse, Violence against women Pages: 21 (7396 words) Published: January 16, 2011
Counseling Abused Women: Factors Contributing to Successful Outcome

Table of Contents
Part One: Violence against women
The Problem
Consequences of violence
Origins of violence
Part Two: Treatment/Intervention models
Service and treatment options
Community Treatment/Intervention
Part Three: Client/Family participation
Client participation
Family involvement
Part Four: Special needs
Abuse of women with disabilities
Equity/ Access to treatment
Part Five: Parties’ promotion of various positions and their critical analysis Promotion the realization of Women’s Human Rights
Critical analysis of various positions

I. Introduction
a. General overview of the topic
Violence against women happens in every country all over the world. There is no country in which women are not exposed to some kind of violence. Women and children around the world, across lines of income, class and traditional views, are exposed to physical, sexual and psychological abuse, domestic abuse, inequality, and, in addition, lack of human rights. Worldwide, at least one in every three women is beaten, forced into sex, or abused in some way, most frequently by someone she knows, including her spouse or another male in the family. Violence relates to the lack of human rights, and to legal, economical, and public health problems as well. It influences all areas of the world and is a crucial problem that needs research initiatives directed at the improvement of universal understanding. b. Purpose and Objective

This paper collects and analyses the latest data and samples corresponding to the study of counseling abused women and identifies the most pertinent intervention and treatment of abused women that occurs all over the world. It also highlights the current problems such as lack of funding and political party’s involvement, especially in the developing countries. Finally, the document provides pointers to the most pressing issues that need to be considered by national policy and program authorities in order to improve the position of the abused women. To clarify the present problem, descriptions of life situations, case studies and direct quotes from women themselves have been used to vivify the contexts in which depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, suicide, alcohol and drug use, and other psychological disorders occur. It is hoped that the given samples of the experiences of inequality, violence intervention and different progams will assist in developing a more accurate understanding of the structural barriers women face in attempting to find a solution to their urgent problems. It is needed to better inform the promotion of women’s mental health. Moreover, subjective perceptions of health are significantly related to psychological well being and utilization of the health care system (Ustin and Sartorius, 1995, p.35). The paper is divided into five parts as follows:

The first part contains a brief discussion of violence against women, reactions, consequences to violence and causes of the mental problem. This is useful in providing a broad context from which to consider intervention ways of treatment for abused women and the critical analysis of the present situation that are discussed in subsequent sections. Parts two and three consider the importance of clinical and community treatment along with the family participation and treatment in groups. In part four, relevant demographic variables and equal access to treatment are examined based on abuse of women with disabilities with an emphasis on financial and political barrier. Part five explains the positions of the various political parties concerning the problem of abused women treatment and gives a synthesis and critical analysis of various positions concerning the issue.

II. Statement of the Problem
Part One: Violence against Women.
The problem
Violence influences all members of society. However, violence...
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