Cost and Consequences

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Costs and Consequences: Sweated Labor and Consumer Bargains

In order to make a wide variety of goods available at ever-decreasing prices or to maintain profits, retailers rely on low labor costs and working conditions that are often illegal in the United States.

Based on the information in the "Student Voice" section of Chapter 2, pp. 18–20, of your textbook, would you stop shopping at certain retailers? Is the consumption of food and clothing somehow different from the media products that require less of a local commitment of resources, such as sewing a pair of jeans in contrast with printing a comic book.

Support your answers with insights from the readings and lesson presentation for the week.

Deliverables and Format:
Submit your response in a Microsoft Word document in not more than 500 words. Font: Arial; 12 point
Line Spacing: Double
Due Date: By the end of this week.

After reading this passage it helped me reflect on myself. The reason was because I could relate to Tiffany Anderson. I think I could relate to her because my first job was working in a mall at The Limited. I had an exciting job to be a sales associate, and sometimes helped unpack stock for new floor events. Even though I have a son now, I remember the reason why I wanted a job. To have things and to not rely on my parents support. Basically to feel important in the world and go out and hang with my friends. My parents only gave us our needs, for I always knew my wants were only rewarded if I worked for it. Truly there are many people that go through a lot more than I did, at that time in my life. I have been thankful that I had support from my family and still do. I think a soon as Tiffany Anderson received the note, she changed as a person. Even though she may not understood the writing, however she did have some ideas. She mentioned the imagination of a “women, my age but skinny, with sunken eyes and black hair, locked into a blindingly hot factory...
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