Cosmic Creation

Topics: Earth, Universe, Human Pages: 3 (744 words) Published: September 11, 2012
Cosmic Creation Myths across Cultures

Antuan D Lyles Jr.


September 4, 2012
Elisabeth Nicholes


Myths are said to be the answers as to how and when our world first was created and from this evolution was the birth of life on to the planet. Many different cultures have came about by the telling of these fables to the next generation and also sets the stage for who actually brought forth the creation of human being, the Greenland, the watery plain, animals and other elements of nature into view. In this paper it will have for discussion the description of two creation myths and their cultural surrounding, which world(s) are presented in the myths like the sky, earth, and the underworld along with the elements of these worlds. Whether or not there are significance gender and if the creator are male or female, description of what was created and the steps or cycle of creation, the role of cosmic occurrences, and then compare the similarities and differences of the two myths.

Creators of the World

For centuries there has been the burning question of who were our creators. There have been ancient narratives or passages written over time about how the world was formed and that the gods saw fit to brought about life into universe, one account is quoted from the book of Genesis contain written knowledge as one god, but no say as to if the gender was male or female but a spirit that shaped and molded the heavens and earth from nothing but just water, now the planet was without form and dead, no light over the surface until god said let the earth have light which separated the darkness of day from the morning light, the starting of the world. God also brought the livestock, and made the land to produce food from it, the wind and sky, the sun and moon, the snow and the rain, God make the season changes from hot to cold, along with the creation of man and from the...
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