Cosmetics and Hairspray

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Bailey Hill
English 105
October 7, 2012
Dr. Graber

Friend, Foe, And Everything In Between

Cheerleading is a bit insane let’s just be honest about the whole situation. It is even more insane when it is competitive cheer. It is different than high school in the sense that we do not cheer for a sport. There is a lot going on when getting ready, girls are applying a hefty amount of lipstick, it borders on looking like we are a bunch of clowns. Next is the eye makeup, well lets just say it should not be seen anywhere where there is shining, and people like to call it “stage makeup”. Let me just quickly touch on the amount of foundation that is applied to my face. With all the makeup used whether I’m on stage or up close no one would have any idea I am covered in freckles. Allow me to finish my little tyrant by mentioning the hair. Well, if you cannot tell already, in cheer the bigger the better and the same goes for the hair. We curl our hair, as if we are trying to imitate Shirley Temple. It is a blast. If my sarcasm is not apparent, I’ll just say I do not enjoy it. To say the least, getting ready for a cheer competition is not my favorite thing to do. However, there is one thing we all hold very sacred, one thing we will never complain about. It is something so simple that people may over look it, but the secret behind keeping this outrageous outfit together happens to be the one and only, hairspray. Hairspray is every cheerleader’s best friend and that is not something taken lightly. We buy the strongest stuff you can find in any given store. The brand is called Got2BGlued, and it works well. Believe me when I say it is not cheap either, especially considering it only lasts through roughly three competitions. We might as well invest bonds in the company. The amount of money we spend on it is ridiculous, but we need it. The last thing you want while trying to tumble or jump, or stunt, is your curls losing their size, your makeup sweating off, or in my...
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