Cosmetic Psychopharmacology

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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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Charles Lewis
October 1, 2012
Section 009
Cosmetic Psychopharmacology and Society’s Outlook on the Human Psychosis Cosmetic psychopharmacology is a technological medium that has changed society’s fundamental understanding of the human personality. Through this alteration of human perspective, psychopharmacology has embodied and contributed to building social order throughout the world. This is central to supporting Langdon Winner’s main thesis, which is that technology as a whole is the essence of social order and is influential in structuring it. Cosmetic Psychopharmacology is a technology composed of a procedure in which one can alter their perception and thought process through biochemical means, thus physically altering the brain chemistry. The development of these therapeutic drugs such as Prozac, Lexapro, and Zoloft has revealed that the human psychosis is not exclusively impacted by its inherent traits or environment, but is a characteristic potentially changeable by the consumption of psychotic drugs.

In Makeover, the first chapter of Listening to Prozac, an extensive example of a patient’s response to Prozac is recounted. Tess, the patient, was the product of growing up as a “parent child”. Having no father, an alcoholic mother and nine younger siblings, she developed independence and self-sufficiency early on. As an adult, her professional life flourished but her personal life suffered. Constantly seeking out relationships with abusive men which invariably had demoralizing conclusions, her self esteem began to diminish, she felt unattractive and the needs of her family weighed heavily on her, leaving her stressed and tired. As a result of confiding this in Kramer, her psychiatrist, she was prescribed Prozac, an antidepressant. Tess’s reaction to the drug is best described as a psychological makeover. Prozac globally altered the aspects of her personality. (Kramer 13). Tess’s timidity developed into social prowess, the usual...
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