Corruption: Law and Selfish Desire

Topics: Law, Psychology, Thought Pages: 1 (349 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Corruption is not a new topic to discuss. everyday or the other we here some news on cooruption on the television. But today I will not discuss corruption instead I wil discuss the reason behind corruptioon that is greed. Greed is a strong and selfish desire for possession wealth or power. The politiicians bifurcated corruption into two parts –need based and greed based . but it has been found by the latest research that 70%of the corruption is greed based and 30% is need base. So it is confirmed that people folllow corrupt activiteis for their selfish intrest and not for their need. Now a days corruption is a evil and is stuck with people just like bee to their hives. If anybody does not pay for the work, it is sure work won't be done. Thus the undying hunger for money in the minds of the people has slowly made theis country the most corrupt one. Now the people don’t think about corruption as an evil but they think it as a necessity. The ofiicers bring expensive gifts and sweets for their boss to get promotion. This is corruption. Our greed makes us corrupt. The peiople who go out on rallies and are against corruption first should remove the sense of greed from their minds then only they will be able to fight of corruption. But know one is ready tiod o so. They just want laws to be made for corruption. The politicians sholud understand that just by making tuogh laws people wilol not stop practising corruption. The only way to fight away corruption is to remove greed for money from the society. People should be made to understand Money should be earned in moderation and spent in wise. Money shuold be earned for necessity and not for wasting it in useless things. When this mentakity of people will be washed of then only India will be free and corrupt india. If the politicians really want any law to be enforced for reducing corruption then they sholud make a law that greedy people should be pinilized..
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