Corruption in the Philippines

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The 9 – Integrity!

The 9 – integrity girls’ batch 11 – 12 was a very historical section of all!! They were the worst section of all!
But those who said that they were the worst, was stand corrected. Because they were famous of being friendly, very intelligent and most of all beautiful even the other grades were falling in love with them. And of course there were many events that this batch been through; Teachers Day

They performed and sing for the teachers that thought them very well. They even made a band alongside the grade nine boys. After that was the cleaning of things and chairs because of their C.A.T (citizen advancement training) The Book Fair

Going to their book fair for some of them was totally “boring” and some other stuff. They just wasted their time roaming around with their other classmates. But some of them that were interested with books are really into it. They bought many things that can help them study and learn more. They even had fun strolling around and laughing while they do. The hours of wait for them were worth it, but for the non-readers it was just another boring story to tell. FISAA

The fun loving girls was really excited to join many activities in school they are not just about looks but they are also in to this kind of things. They join some of the events that are really exciting and events that will make your heart skip a beat. Like the volleyball team and the basketball team. When the games are starting the whole stadium was so intense and the crowd went wild. They were the loudest to cheer of all of them. And so the FISAA finally ended. They may not be the best, but the school manages to get the biggest trophy of all the “Over All Champions”. GETEX

This field trip opens the door of our minds to think of our careers. They help us thinks of a course that may be suitable for us to work on and courses that we may take in the near future.

There are so many things that these girls...
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