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Corruption in simple terms may be defined as "an act of bribery" . It has been described as profit in a way that constitute a breach of law
or a deviation from the norms of society. it involves all types of person and groups such as politician, officials, policemen, and other
citizens including businessmen, industrialists, bankers, etc. whether as individual or groups including white collars criminals who break the law
and don not live by honest means. The committe on prevention of corruption (1964) observe that, "in it widest connatation, corruption includes
improper or selfish execrise of prower and influence attached to a public office or to a special position ones occupies in public life"
Andriski considers it as "the use of public prower for private advantage in ways which transgress some formal rule or law."
Corruption in any system or society depends on three factors. the first is the set of individual sense of value , the second is the set of value
which are accepted by the society as whole and third , the system of governence or administration.

Corruption in India
Corruption in India is a phenomena that one has to face practically at every level and every way of life . In India we can find various forms
of corruption i.e corruption by (a)Politician (b) Policemen (c) Officials (D) Bussinessmen (E)Individual or white collar crime
Corruption by politician: The illicit use of power by politician has turned the entire Indian body polity into a venal one, where there is prices corruption crept into the Indian body politics seventies in a major way and since then this cencer has spread across the length and breath of the country .as of 2013 Indian top 7 politician are facing serious corruption charges . Corrupt politician not only unharmed and unpunished but they manage to strut on the political stages as honourable leader.

Corruption by policemen: The police department is said to be the most corrupt department where bribes are taken by constables upward to high status officers .what is suprising is that the policemen takes money both from the accused and the complaints. cases beating the poor (e.g. rickshaw-puller, labourer, shopkeeper) on small pretext and taking away all the money in their pocket and accepting money

from the shopkeeper are very common case in india. as report prepared by the national crime record bereau. out of 61,765 complaint filled against cops across India
Corruption by official: Official are alleged to steal property in cities and villages through out India, consisting of municipal and other governmental official, elected politician , judicial offices , real estate developer and law enforcement official, acquire , develop and sell land in illegal ways .

Causes of Corruption in India
Corruption has progressively increased and is now rampant in our society .Corruption in India is a nexus between bureaucracy, politics, and criminal . As nation grows the corrupt also grows to invent new method of cheating the government and public .the causes of corruption are many and complex. the following are the cause :- (1)Lack of Economical Stability : Economical crisis and price hike are major causes of corruption in India . Economical crisis leads to unemployment and change in standard of living .it develops a feeling of insecurity in the minds of affected people . Most of the people do not have patient and courage to face this situation . In order to regain their employment and to maintain standard of living and status, this affected...
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