Coral Reefs in the Caribbean

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  • Published : October 6, 2011
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Caribbean Studies

Describe the value of Coral Reefs to Caribbean society and culture.

Coral Reefs are the home of more than one quarter of all known marine fish species and tens of thousands of other species. The Caribbean coral reefs are vital and valuable natural resources that contain a wealth of biodiversity including over 60 species of coral and 1,500 different species of fish – many of which are found nowhere else on earth. Coral reefs provide both a good and a service to many Caribbean islands.

These coral reefs are crucial to the Caribbean as they provide a source of income through tourism, fishing and pharmaceutical industries. They also play a huge role in protecting the coastlines from erosion, flooding and storm damage. In providing a barrier between the shore and the ocean, it helps to show how important coral reefs are in protecting the shore from strong currents and waves. The coral reefs help grow the productive economic income of tourism as they provide the tourist with wide varieties activities such as snorkelling and diving from both far and wide to view the beauties of the reefs’ most colourful and mystifying depths. Coral reefs are the homes for many fishes which in turn offer the Caribbean islanders a source of food. Most of the Caribbean islands have fishes in their natural dishes and/or their cultural roots are that of the fishes – which dates back to their ancestors whom skills were fishing. In giving a home to the fishes it also protects them from predators in the water.

In relation to the Caribbean’s cultural ways, this helps in the cultural aspect in which the heritage relating to such values the association with the natural habitats may be the investment in cultural or heritage foundation, even if such is views as a “non-use” service.

In addition to the coral reefs providing homes and protection to the fishes and also preventing erosion and storm damages, they also make for good decoration in the home. Even though this...
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