Copper Sunrise Notes

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Chapter 1 Jamie family are on board the Star of Bethlehem Davie befriends a crew member named Mathieu Mathieu dies Davie becomes very sick; the family is quarantined Davie gets better Chapter 2 The family arrives at Cutwater and settle into a cabin The children are warned not to go into the forest because of savages They spend a winter in their new home Robert becomes friends with Andrew Watson By Spring Jamie dad decides to stay in Cutwater because their store is successful and they feel welcomed Chapter 3 Jamie has fun playing with a seal Supply ships would come in with their orders. One trader told of the news of savages causing trouble everywhere Jamie received a copper flute as a gift from overseas Jamie sees a spiral of smoke coming from the hills Jamie finds his pet seal shot Chapter 4 Jamie clamours over rocks to find Robert because he was out with Andrew hunting Jamie sees a snow goose and follows it into the woods Jamie meets a native boy by a creek Jamie gives the boy his copper flute; the boy gives Jamie his copper necklace and a salmon Chapter 5 Jamie returns to town and finds everyone down at the dock looking at the jellyfish in the water Every day that week, Jamie returns to the creek to see if he can find that boy One afternoon Jamie finds a string of fine beads on a branch He takes the beads and replaces them with a red cloth Jamie returns home and learns of savages that raided a schooner at Brigantine Chapter 6 Jamie returns to the creek to go fishing and meets up with the boy again He learns his name is Tethani The boys teach each other some words in their own language Tethani is very good playing the copper flute Jamie returns home with the two fish he caught Chapter 7 A piece of red cloth was found after a raid by savages at Brigantine Jamie and Robert go jigging for squid Robert tells Jamie about his secret of seeing a native woman and small boy in the woods Jamie is relieved to hear Robert didn kill the two savages. He thought the boy may...
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