Copd Paper

Topics: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Asthma, Pulmonology Pages: 13 (4722 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Abstract #1
Copd is at the apex of causes for mortality worldwide, with a greater incidence rate than ten years prior; systemic infections are the mainstay of the disease process. Periodontal disease has been vividly studied and the absolute foundation of the multifactorial process restrictive airways. The infection leads to inflammatory responses that perpetuates the diseased state via inflammatory mediators, and thus mediating copd. Counter arguments for obesity-related hypoxia and other namely although creditable factors are also taken into account when understanding the disease, this is because all mediating factors result in acute inflammatory response which contribute to increased inflammation and later increase stimulation in the systemic circulation, this stimulation leads to the perpetual increase in total peripheral resistance, and later comorbidities associated with cardiac functioning. The present conception in the physiology of copd and site of immense work is in regard to the understanding of the link between systemic infections. Periodontal disease has shown that there is an increase connection with the effect of this process and that of pulmonary functioning. This paper will summarize the primary epidemiological findings and compares them to clinical evidence, while setting the stage for the counter action from a public health stand point. Abstract #2:

The parenchymal process of lung disease is one that mimics a normative obstructive process; the obstruction leaves the patient with limited conduction, decreased total volume, and in chronic cases an in ability to respire at a rate conducive to the patient’s metabolic need. In most patients other deleterious manifestations arise, cardiac, systemic, pulmonary, and neural, complications. The cardiac process develops in congruence with the increase work load for the patient. Namely this is directly related to the higher incidence rate of hypertension, cardiomyopathy, pulmonary hypertension left heart dysrhythmia and the cardiac heart failure. Many individuals are characteristically plagued with the hacking, choking; disease riddled phenotypic traits of lung disease. Chronic obstructive lung disease is a process is deleterious and extremely caustic to the population.

Quantifiably the history of health and physiological disasters, teeter on the variations of environmental, physiological and social triggers, many physician, social leaders, and biologist recount how, for decades preliminary methods of prevention were unknown, for example hundreds of thousands of American miners still suffer from black lung disease, which at one time was not event defined as a diagnosis of a proponent of health issues. This in retrospect represents the inability of a physiological process’ to be understood and for a program to be successfully implemented upon realization of the disease process. The forward motion of a project can be addressed in a three tier process. Primary diverge into two different subsets one of which is blatant. This is represented in our population categorically as numerous studies to insure the implications of the physiological stimulus and segregate the vector that is causing disease. physicians do this by ensuring the qualitatively reviewing the patients history, and evaluating the possible triggers, applying these standards to medicine is what is discussed in the this paper and thus simplifying the disease physiology and anticipating future accidents, which could proliferated the occurrence of the. Prevention can also be seen specifically in the targeting of the triggers for copd, cohort studies have indicated that with reduced environmental stimuli, the preponderance of the process’s aggressiveness can be diminished if not completely sequestered. Notably copd has been noted as a respiratory illness caused by the inhalation of particulate matter. This is a particular area of interest to the...
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